KCMA Membership consists of over 300 cabinet manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services to the industry.  

Membership Is Inclusive And Diverse

KCMA’s members vary widely in size and scope but share an equal voice in the industry. We represent both cabinet manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

KCMA defines a Cabinet Manufacturer (Active Member) as “Any person, firm or corporation who manufactures cabinets or decorative laminate products.” To be eligible for membership, a cabinet manufacturing company must be able to provide that 51% of their direct costs occur in North America.

With over 50% of KCMA members reporting under $5 million in sales, KCMA is  a spokesman for manufacturers of all sizes. Our members include large companies with 500 - 14,000 production employees all the way down to small and mid-sized companies ranging from as little as 5 to 500 employees.

Click here for a List of KCMA Cabinet Manufacturer Members.

Our associate members supply materials or services to the cabinet industry and fit within a variety of categories, including:

  • Cabinet Parts, including panels, doors, components, drawers, drawer systems, hinges, dowel pins, edgebanding materials, fasteners, glass, moulding and trim, veneer
  • Cabinet Accessories, including adhesives, brushes, decorative hardware, displays, finishing materials/touch-up, paint, lighting, machines, packaging materials, tools, wiping materials
  • Cabinet-related Services, including pollution, consultation, trucking, testing laboratories
  • Cabinet-related technologies, including design systems or software, 
  • Other, including trade-associations, consultation, and more

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Members Share Common Goals & Solutions

Members collaborate from both residential and commercial markets to share ideas, concerns and solutions for the industry as a whole.  KCMA is the only organization devoted exclusively to promoting the interests of cabinet manufacturers and their suppliers.