Glossary of Industry Terms

The following is a glossary of terms used to describe the types of cabinet construction.

  • Traditional Face Frame Cabinet Style: The traditional cabinet face is constructed of vertical "stiles" and horizontal "rails" that reinforce the cabinet structure and provide mounting support for doors and drawers.
  • European Frameless Cabinet Style: The frameless cabinet is constructed without any face framing. Doors and drawers are mounted to the sides of the cabinet. Fully concealed hinges are used for the doors. This type of cabinet is also referred to as "full access" because there is no face frame to restrict access to the cabinet.
  • Full Overlay Cabinet: Cabinet doors and drawers are sized large enough to cover the cabinet face with only minimal clearances between them.
  • Full Inset Cabinet: Cabinet doors are fitted into the face frame and are flush with the frame.
  • Ready-to-Assemble: Factory manufactured and finished cabinet components shipped with all parts, fasteners, and instructions necessary for complete assembly of one cabinet. No power tools should be necessary for assembly.
  • Integrator: Companies who manufacture over 50% of their own components
  • Assembler: Manufacturing companies that buy component parts and assemble them.