The National Association of Manufacturers filed a lawsuit on July 8th to block new requirements issued by OSHA that will require manufacturers to report all workplace injuries and illnesses. 

Linda Kelly, Senior VP and General Counsel of NAM said, “The Department of Labor is putting a target on nearly every manufacturers in this country by moving this regulation forward”.  She indicated that OSHA lacks statutory authority to enforce the rule in addition to failing to recognize the infeasibility, costs and real-world impacts of what it suggests is a tweak to a major regulation. 

The new OSHA standard requires about 466,000 worksites with more than 20 employees to electronically submit

annual injury and illness log data to OSHA, enabling OSHA to post on its public website summaries of each company’s records.  The standard also says that workplaces “must establish a reasonable procedure for employees to report work-related injuries and illnesses promptly and accurately. 

Many concerns have been expressed by the manufacturing community including the fact that by releasing information on workplace injuries and illnesses will lead to inaccurate conclusions, open up companies to retaliation and most of all sacrifice employee and employer privacy.  Read the regulation here.