A federal judge in Texas has put a temporary hold on the Department of Labor's union “persuader rule.”  In the 86-page order issued on Monday, Judge Sam Cummings granted a preliminary injunction requested by business groups suing the Obama administration.

Under the order, the Labor Department is prohibited from implementing the rule, which forces employers to report any "actions, conduct or communications" undertaken to "affect an employee's decisions regarding his or her representation or collective bargaining rights,” until the case is settled by the courts.

The National Association of Manufacturers, which filed the lawsuit with other groups, argues the rule will prevent employers from speaking on labor issues or seeking legal counsel.

 “The chilling of speech protected by the First Amendment is in and of itself an irreparable injury,” Cummings wrote in the order.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called Monday’s order in the case, National Federation of Independent Business et al. v. Perez et al., a “victory for the preservation of the sanctity of attorney-client confidentiality.”