The annual Houzz & Home survey released last month included more than 120,000 respondents in the U.S.  Key findings indicate that overall renovation activity remains high, with more than half of homeowners on Houzz renovating their homes in 2015.

  • Kitchens remain the most popular interior remodeling projectat 31%
    • Master bathrooms (22%) non-master bathrooms (26%) living/family rooms (23%)
    • In comparison to findings from 2014, renovating homeowners also put a greater emphasis on upgrades to interior spaces (72% versus 69%) and exterior features like windows and roofing (56%t versus 53%).
  • Motivations behind renovations:Having time (38%) was the greatest, ahead of finally having the financial means (37%), the top trigger for 2014 projects.
  • As far as reasons for homeowners renovatinginstead of buying: the desire to stay in their current home or lot accounted for 49% of the responses, followed by the desire to remain in their current neighborhood (31%). Financial considerations came in at 28%