The EPA has submitted their formaldehyde emission standards rule on composite wood to the OMB. This rule will set national formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products. 

Latest News: Rule Due out Next Month

In its June 2013 proposed rule, EPA called for subjecting laminated products, not just their component parts, to the new emissions requirements and testing limits.  Many industry groups have argued this is EPA overreach that goes beyond the intent of Congress, and that the proposed testing requirements on fabricators of laminated wood products are unwieldy.

On May 23rd, KCMA’s CEO, Betsy Natz and Dick Titus, EVP met with the Office of Management and Budget, concerning the federal composite wood rule. 

In the meeting, in addition to OMB,were representatives from the EPA and the Small Business Administration. KCMA reviewed talking points (Click HERE) along with the studies KCMA cited in their talking points. 

OMB has until June 28th to review the rule, at which time the EPA will make final and submit to the Federal Register for publication.

See EPA Reg Agenda HERE.