A recent survey from The National Kitchen & Bath Association showed that interest levels in skilled trades careers are almost as high in female high schoolers as their mail counterparts.   Additional finds from the report include:

  • Remodeling and renovation careers are the top-ranked careers for females, and smart-home technology, audio, video, and security installation careers were top ranked for males
  • High school class and training programs, social media, and home improvement project work at home were the greatest sources of initial interest for high school students
  • One in five respondents cited "learning a skill" and "good pay" as the top perceived benefit of entering a skilled trade career
  • 22% of students cited "hard physical work" as the top drawback, while 12% of respondents said skilled trade careers did not offer "enough money"
  • Top preferred learning methods included field trips to local businesses, one-on-one days at worksites, and career days

Source:  Builder Online