Membership Testimonials

“The KCMA is the voice of the industry in Washington and helps ensure that our interests are represented.  Another area that has helped our company tremendously is through the sharing of information between cabinet manufacturers, whether it be researching specific topics and sharing their findings at one of the KCMA conferences or allowing competitors to tour their manufacturing facilities.  The openness of members to help each other is unprecedented in most industries.” -- R.D. Henry & Company

My advice to any new or current member is to get involved, attend meetings, educational programs, listen to the speakers, and ask questions of other members.  I’ve found KCMA members are helpful and the more seasoned embers are wonderful resources and eager to see our “family of cabinet manufacturers” are successful.” – Wood-Mode, Inc.

“Because of the KCMA, we as manufacturers and suppliers, are able to get our message to the masses on a larger scale. Our advocacy voice is much louder. We can accomplish more as a group than we can as individuals. We are also able to learn from the successes and failures of our predecessors and move our industry forward for the benefit of all of our members. And to any new KCMA members, I would give one piece of advice: Get involved. Get involved on a committee, come to the semi-annual meetings, and participate in surveys, the ESP and ANSI programs. We have a great industry that is supported by the KCMA.” – Kitchen Kompact

“KCMA keeps members informed of proposed government regulations. It also offers a great opportunity to interact with our peers. The certification programs are also essential. My advice is to attend the conferences/meetings/tours and get involved. We need to protect our industry – we do not want to become like the furniture industry and disappear from U.S. manufacturing.” – Master WoodCraft Cabinetry