Why Join KCMA?

KCMA fosters a community of shared knowledge. Members have exclusive access to learning opportunities specific to cabinetry manufacturing. As a member of KCMA, you’ll be the first to learn about legislative issues affecting the industry as well as enjoy exclusive access to KCMA management information and industry data. But don't just take our word for it, hear from our members!

Legislative Information »

While you’re busy running your business, we’re busy protecting it. KCMA keeps members informed about regulatory developments that can directly affect the industry. As a member, you’ll receive important updates from our bi-weekly newsletter and track breaking news in our Issues & Policies section.

Management Survey Reports »

KCMA conducts several surveys each year that provide valuable data to your business. Data like this would cost thousands of dollars through research firms but is FREE to our members. All you need to do is participate.

  • Monthly Trend of Business reports – view where your company stands in monthly sales against other manufacturers
  • Safety Survey – this annual survey provides up-to-date safety stats that could help reduce your company’s insurance rate
  • Wage & Labor – conducted bi-annually, the Wage & Labor study provides personnel data related to pay, benefits, wage increases, and more that you can use to develop your pay structure and remain competitive
  • Income & Expense – data from the annual Income & Expense survey helps members to grow their business by informing business plans, identifying management areas that need improvement, and applying for business loans

Educational and Networking Opportunities »

Don’t miss these events each Spring and Fall for educational programs and speakers, a supplier exposition, and plant tours. Tour other manufacturer’s facilities – get an in-depth look inside their plants and walk away with new ideas and plans for your business. Get inspired with strategies for your own company from our educational sessions. Walk the floor of our small, intimate supplier Expo to see the latest cabinet products and services and get plenty of valuable face time with those suppliers. Our Expo is small but the benefits are huge!

Performance Testing and Certification Program »

KCMA is the only industry-specific source establishing benchmarks that identify opportunities for your continued success. KCMA sponsors the nationally recognized voluntary testing and certification program for cabinets.

Environmental Stewardship Program »

KCMA created the ESP Program to help cabinet manufacturers and consumers ensure that cabinets are made in an environmentally-sound manner.

Visibility on KCMA.org »

KCMA is the hub where all those who appreciate the true value of cabinetry come together – manufacturers, architects, suppliers, homeowners.

Affinity Partnerships »

KCMA has endorsed APPI Energy as a collaborative partner to provide KCMA members in deregulated energy states the opportunity to participate in APPI’s energy reduction program. APPI will work directly with KCMA members to reduce and manage electricity and natural gas costs for those members with facilities in deregulated energy states. Please refer to the attached list to see if any of your facilities are located in currently deregulated states.

Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the country, and the lowest prices available among reliable, competing suppliers. Recommendations to KCMA members regarding when to buy energy, and which contract length is best, are based on extensive data analytics and 21 years of industry experience. 

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