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Are you curious about who KCMA is and what we do? We created this video to give you a brief and comprehensive overview about the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association and all of the wonderful programs we offer. Enjoy!

We don't manufacture cabinets, but we do administer programs to help make them better. Founded in 1955, KCMA is the largest trade association for kitchen & bath cabinet manufacturers in the U.S. Our membership is more than 300 strong and represents 80% of the cabinet manufacturing industry. KCMA also has a large volume of Associate Members - organizations that help support the cabinet manufacturing industry, such as suppliers and vendors, and our programs and opportunities are available for them as well.

Who We Are

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association establishes and promotes standards for the kitchen cabinet industry; defends and advocates in support of the industry; and arms our members with valuable tools necessary to promote and grow their businesses. We work to advance the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry in many different areas including helping with strategic planning, advocating on Capitol Hill, providing up to date research and information and so much more:

  • Advocacy-  KCMA is on the front lines, representing your company and the cabinet manufacturing industry on Capitol Hill and with Federal agencies. Being a members means your voice is heard.
  • Business Tools-  Access to surveys, research and informational courses regarding cabinet industry trends and best practices to help you stay on the cutting-edge of the industry and ensure your business continues to grow.
  • Educational Programs- KCMA hosts yearly events and plant tours, where you can learn and network with your fellow kitchen cabinet industry members about best practices, and how to keep your company growing and succeeding.
  • Certifications- Access to certification programs designed to help distinguish your company in today's competitive marketplace, including our KCMA Quality Certification Program and our Environmental Stewardship Program.

While you're busy running your business, KCMA is busy protecting it. To learn more about becoming a member, visit here.