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Check out KCMA's recent column in the October issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News.

Respond to the Demand for 3rd Party Tested Cabinets

Are your customers asking for products in their kitchen that will stand up to the test of time?  Kitchen remodels are expensive – in fact, the 2019 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study cited that of any other area in a home, kitchens command the highest median ($11,000) spend during remodels.  The same study found that 78% of homeowners cited cabinets as the most important feature to be replaced in a remodel.  With so much on the line, its no wonder that product performance was the most important factor for builders when selecting a cabinet brand (Hanley Wood).

So, if home building and remodeling pros are looking to performance as the most important factor when choosing cabinets, shouldn’t we make consumers aware of the importance of quality standards and testing for one of the most expensive items in a home remodel?

Third-party testing of cabinets is an excellent way to determine the quality and longevity of the product you are about to recommend to your customers. That same study from Hanley Wood found that third-party testing is one of the top drivers in the selection process of cabinets for builders and architects.

Home owners may not know to ask about third-party testing, but they certainly care about the implications. Will their cabinets stand the test of time? Will they stand up to years of being opened and slammed shut?  Will they withstand the weight of their mother-in-law’s vintage china set?  Will the doors crack under the pressure of a child swinging around?  Will their cabinets stain when that bottle of red gets knocked over?

By recommending cabinets that have been tested by an independent third-party, your clients can have peace of mind knowing that their cabinets are durable, quality-made, and built to last a lifetime.

For example, KCMA’s A161.1 Quality Certification program conducts several tests on cabinets in four categories:

  • Structural tests – to verify the structural integrity and strength of the cabinets
  • Door tests – to verify the ability of doors to withstand loading and operate under the stress of normal use
  • Drawer tests – to verify the ability of drawers to operate with loading during normal use and the ability of the drawers-front assembly to withstand the impact of closing the drawer under normal use
  • Finish tests – to verify the ability of the finish to withstand heat, substances and prolonged exposure to detergents and water solutions

Cabinets bearing the KCMA A161.1 Quality Certification Seal have been extensively tested with more than a dozen different processes according to rigorous standards developed, and periodically revised, by a committee operating under rules set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

When it comes to your customers’ questions regarding the quality of the products you are recommending, take it from This Old House. Certified, third-party tested cabinets will show home owners that their cabinets are functional, well-made, and built to last.

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