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Kitchen Trends for 2020: A Guest Blog Post

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With the start of a new decade, you may be ready for a kitchen makeover. Whether that means an entire remodel or simple updates, it’s time to dream about what your ideal kitchen would look like. To help, here are some of the coolest kitchen trends for 2020.

Color Trends

Color is likely the biggest change from year to year, and the color trends for 2020 tend to be bold! It isn’t unusual to find Ruby Red (burgundy), Cobalt Blue (classic blue), Aqua, Emerald Green, Orange (in wood’s medium tones, tile, paint and furniture), and even Black. Colorful accent walls, signature pieces of furniture and statement backsplashes dominate the trends. Adding pops of color or painting the ceiling can add fun and interest to your kitchen.

Personalize your space with accent colors on your kitchen window frame and custom-colored appliances. Don’t be afraid of mixed metal finishes of nickel, gold and brass on faucets and hardware, or forgo cabinetry handles altogether for a streamlined look. Fresh, clean lines and simple design help color, accents, cabinetry and accessories stand out.

While all-white kitchens will never go out of style, color trends in neutrals also play a role, with beige, sand, vanilla, Tender Green (mint), Delicate Sky Blue, and Tender Pinks (pastels and peaches) being popular choices. You’ll find these colors in paint, trim, exteriors, tile, and backsplashes.

One trend for 2020 is multi-tone kitchens. Consider a mixture of cabinet colors, for example, with the cabinetry and kitchen island being different colors, tones or materials. You may see a butcher block-topped island with a heavily-veined marble or quartz countertop in the rest of the kitchen, or even wooden countertops throughout.

Natural Elements

The words “sustainable” and “environmentally-friendly” are frequently used, and in response, companies are offer more “green” solutions to kitchen designs. Wood, tile, bamboo, leather, brick, metals and cement are some of the kitchen trends for 2020.

Multi-Functional Spaces

The kitchen has always been a gathering place for family and friends, but even more so nowadays. Islands are being used as work, study or Zoom call centers, and families are thinking about adding in dedicated work spaces for home office or homework centers close to the family hub. This way, parents can supervise home study and homework sessions while preparing meals.

An ongoing trend is to eliminate the formal dining room in favor of a kitchen/eat-in area/great room combination. Remodel your space to remove the small rooms to create a family-centric area. Open concept kitchens allow the entire family to be together to prepare meals, eat or commune.


Smart Home Technology

Energy savings is at the top of the list for 2020, and you can see its trend in Energy Star appliances, certified by the U.S. Department of Energy. Although a bit more expensive to purchase on the outset, they will reduce your overall energy costs. Be sure to take advantage of the Energy Star rebate incentives.

Unexpected Shapes and Specialty Items

Try incorporating some unusual shapes throughout the kitchen, especially in cylinder hoods, islands, lighting fixtures and pass-throughs. Include your furry family members in your kitchen design with a dedicated treat storage and eating area for your pets, like a pull-out dog bowl drawer.

Carry-Over Kitchen Trends for 2020

Some of the popular kitchen trends for 2019 have carried over into 2020. They include:

  • Open shelving
  • Walls of storage
  • Dark on dark color trends
  • Light on light color trends
  • Stone on stone for countertops and backsplashes
  • A mix of metals
  • Statement appliance pieces
  • Freestanding kitchen islands

Your goal for designing or re-designing your kitchen is to make it a space that is utile and aesthetically pleasing. Essentially, make it your own. Don’t be afraid to mix contemporary elements with traditional ones, or make a statement with color, materials or shapes. Think about how you and your family will live in and use your kitchen, and make your choices accordingly.


Linda Barrett is Director of Marketing at Schroeder Design/Build, Inc., an award-winning remodeling firm serving Northern Virginia,