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Kitchen Cabinet Trends of the Past Decade

It’s 2020! A brand new year, a brand new decade. Kitchen trends and styles have changed a lot over the past decade, so in preparation and anticipation of what this new decade will bring, we decided to take a look at some of the most popular kitchen cabinet trends from the past decade.

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We kicked off last decade with Traditional being the most popular style for a kitchen. We began to see a resurgence in Shaker style cabinets, with white and off-white being the most popular colors for painted cabinets. Cherry was the most popular wood, followed closely by maple.

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2011 saw the beginning of a shift towards a more contemporary decorative style. Open shelving became a popular option, as it helped to create a feeling of additional space for kitchens.

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In 2012, Cherry began to fall out of favor as the most popular wood option, but at the time there was no clear front-runner to claim the top spot. Design preferences began to lean towards darker finishes, although white still remained the most popular painted cabinet color. This was the year that the Transitional style became the most common, pulling ahead of the Traditional design style for a kitchen.

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2013 continued the move towards a more contemporary design style for kitchens. Neutral color schemes of beiges, browns, whites and greys were very popular, with accents of color to add a little pop to a kitchen.

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In 2014 all eyes were on efficiency. Specialty cabinets that utilized creative storage solutions became popular, such as roll-out trays, built in racks, etc. Distressed finishes for wood also saw popularity in 2014, and two-toned painted cabinets started to see some attention.

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In 2015 we began to see a rise in using color for kitchen cabinets, as well as a rise in using laminate materials to mimic wood. Creative storage options to provide homeowners with more space continued to grow in popularity. The most exciting development in 2015 was the onset of using “smart” cabinets that catered to technology such as touching or waving a hand to open or close cabinets. LED lighting options underneath cabinets or in drawers also began to see attention.

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For 2016, design trends were all about the Transitional style. Neutral-colored cabinets such as grey, white or off-white were popular, along with a main colorful focal point for a kitchen, such as a bold blue island. Creative storage solutions continued to gain popularity, such as pull-out trays and tilt-out trays, and we saw a rise in creative custom add-ons, such as a built in coffee or wet bar, special pet feeding stations and docking or charging stations for technology.

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In 2017, while white was still the most popular painted color for cabinets, we saw a big upsurge in grey cabinets. Grey provides a neutral backdrop, but unlike white, allows for varying hues which can create different types of atmospheres. We also saw a rise in glass cabinet doors, which still allowed for the spacial feeling of open shelving, while not having everything sitting out on display. Functional, smart cabinetry continued to allow people to utilize modern technology with accents such as docking stations, iPad holders, charging stations, etc. We also saw more emphasis and attention on choosing hardware for kitchens.

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This was the year we really saw a rise in the two-toned kitchen, specifically mixing and matching wood and painted cabinets. Homeowners and designers began to use bold colors for accent points, sometimes having just an island or a row of cabinets painted a color, sometimes having an entire accent wall. Blue and green were the most popular painted cabinet choices for colorful cabinets, and we began to see a combination of modern and rustic design styles.

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2019 was the year we saw the popularity of matte black cabinetry, which only enhanced the popularity of the two-toned kitchens. People also were moving away from the stainless steel range hoods and instead opting for concealed range hoods that fit with the style of their cabinets. Smart cabinets and tech-friendly kitchens continued to gain popularity and demand.

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What will 2020 bring? It’s still a little early to say what the most popular trends for kitchen cabinets will be, but if you want to see our predictions, check out this blog post we wrote on our predictions for 2020 Kitchen Design Trends!

One thing is certain – this past decade has been really interesting when it comes to changing cabinetry and kitchen design trends. We’re excited to see what the next decade brings!