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How Remodelers Create Kitchen Magic

Today’s guest blog post comes from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). To learn more about them, please visit their website at


One of the most amazing aspects of the kitchen design field is that, like leaves and snowflakes, no two kitchens are ever identical.  While the core components, layout, and functionality of a kitchen are necessary to accomplish the preparation, cooking, and clean-up of food, there is an emotional energy associated with these efforts that must be considered that makes the design of a kitchen so powerfully personal. 

In order to create a kitchen that the owners will love, remodelers must balance code requirements, the best practices for design and the owner’s personality. Integrating these factors can result in designs that are truly magical. Here are three aspects that the best remodelers consider in achieving this goal.

  1. What the customer wants

While there are applicable building codes, statutes, recommendations and even aesthetic preferences, there is one simple and overarching rule when it comes to:  “Best practices for kitchen design”, and that is that the design fulfills the needs, wants, vision, and desires of your customer.   Excluding the legal criteria, everything else is secondary to what the customer wants.

  1. Best practices in design

Aside from the building code requirements of electrical outlet quantities and placement, water supply & drain sizes, and even exhaust and make-up air requirements, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has a comprehensive list of best practices surrounding the placement and orientation of cabinets, appliances, countertops, and walkways in a well-designed kitchen.  Meeting all these criteria is usually quite difficult due to spatial constraints, however they are intended to be a goal for proper kitchen design and are not an absolute requirement for the perfect kitchen design.

  1. Computer aided design

The talent of some kitchen designers to hand draw and even color their designs into renderings can rival those of a professional artist and can bring incredible warmth to a presentation.  Thankfully, over the last 20 years, computer software design capabilities have advanced to point of being able to generate photorealistic, 3-D designs that provide homeowners an incredibly accurate view of what their kitchen can look like and more importantly how it “feels” to be in the space long before the demo crew arrives.  The ability of the computer modeling to capture the energy of the space has ensured a significantly greater number of satisfied customers and that reflects beautifully on the entire kitchen design profession.

Just like the brand, model, and color of a vehicle captures the personality of the owner, so do the most well designed kitchens.  The best remodelers in  kitchen design will seamlessly integrate the code required criteria, the NKBA design guidelines, and any specific homeowner desired features, into the bones of the kitchen. 

The REAL magic of a perfect kitchen design is create a warm and welcoming feeling that reflects the personality of the homeowner.  Remodelers who accomplish this will have raving fans for life.