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Did you know the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association offers an online course for architects, designers and anyone who would like to learn more about our certification programs for residential kitchen and bathroom cabinets?

Recognized by the American Institute of Architects and the National Kitchen & Bath Association, architects and designers working on continuing education units are now able to take our course and earn education units towards their own certifications.

The course covers:

  • KCMA/ANSI A161.1 Standard – Cabinets displaying this seal are put through a rigorous battery of tests giving consumers an assurance of quality manufacturing. Homeowners know cabinets with this seal will survive everyday life in a kitchen
  • KCMA Severe Use certification – This program simulates extremely heavy usage of cabinets in an environment such as a multi-family unit and specifies materials to be used in such environments
  • KCMA Environmental Stewardship (ESP) certification – This program ensures that cabinet companies are doing their part to help the planet. It is a tangible way to show homeowners that the cabinets they are about to purchase were produced in an environmentally sound manner

Those successfully completing the course and final exam will gain an understanding of each of the three certification programs; acquiring an understanding of the test methods contained within the KCMA Quality Certification, learning about the various practices manufacturers must comply with for ESP certification and understanding the construction requirements for Severe Use cabinetry.

This course also gives architects and designers the opportunity to learn more about our programs so they can back-up and differentiate their professional recommendations. Homeowners don’t know what they don’t know – but they do know they want cabinets that are high quality, built to last and environmentally sustainable.

Not a designer or architect? Take our course anyway and learn more about what KCMA has to offer! Click here to take the course today and visit our website to learn more.

KCMA Quality Certification

KCMA environmental stewardship program