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Cabinet Trends of Real Projects: A Guest Blog Post

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It’s difficult in the remodeling and building world to keep track of all the changing trends and demands of homeowners and consumers. While there are some things that survive the changing seasons (white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, etc.) others don’t have a very long life-span, and cabinet trends seem to be the most challenging of all trends to track in remodels.

So we decided to get the word straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak). We spoke with Gwen Adair, Owner and Designer at Cabinets Supreme, LLC, about the cabinet trends she is seeing in her current projects. Here’s what she had to say:

The trends we’ve been seeing over this past year would lead one to believe this article was written 30 years ago. While the simple cabinetry lines of the Mission/Shaker door styles and lightly colored paint (white, linen, gray) continue to be popular.  Deeper blue tones were also used quite often this past year and are trending as accent island colors – commonly described as a classic Ralph Lauren blue tone or even blue with heavy gray undertones. These tend to mix well with perimeter cabinets done in white or gray tones.

Stained wood finishes are also working their way back into our homes. Unlike the dark or espresso cabinet finishes quite popular for several years, the nearly “blonde” cabinet finishes are ordered with increasing numbers. I hesitate to use the “blonde” as the color description as the differences in the stains and finishes are noticeably different than 30 years ago, however they’re certainly not the deep rich tones of only a few years ago. Instead, they are most often just off the natural scale and are infused with gray tones. Although this trend could be a “Midwest” focused interest, we’re seeing the beautiful wood grains of cherry and hickory start to outpace the muted maple and birch. The lighter stains enhance the wood grain and are significantly different than all of the painted finishes.

If stained wood cabinets are not enough to bring back memories, the brushed gold hardware should push you over the edge. These finishes are not the same as the shiny brass or gold hardware we all enjoyed removing from our kitchens these past 10 years, but instead are elegant brushed gold finishes that provide a soft and complimenting color that enhances the warmth of the natural wood cabinets.

Cabinet functionality has remained strong with the continued implementation of drawers in the base cabinets where-ever possible. Fortunately, the quality and high payload capacity of the drawer glides usually provide years of smooth, confident and controlled usage through soft-close features.

Trends in kitchen cabinetry only become so when people demand the look and functionality of products they’ve seen others install. From our experience, the kitchen cabinet manufacturers are becoming more nimble and responsive to consumer demand, which in turn allows the kitchen designers far more latitude to match a homeowner’s personality to the kitchen of their dreams.

Gwen Adair

Cabinet trends above are based on real-time projects by Gwen Adair, Owner and Designer at Cabinets Supreme, LLC, located in Oconomowoc, WI. Gwen can be reached at: 262-533-3100 or at