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How a Recycling Policy Helps Your Business

Consumers are looking for Environmentally Sustainable companies

It’s no secret that consumers today are becoming more and more interested in working with organizations that are conscious of their impact on the environment. Following this trend, in the home remodeling and building industries, consumers are more and more interested in purchasing homes that also have a more positive environmental impact. According to an article by, home buyers are prioritizing homes that are healthier for them, as well as for the environment. This means that organizations that take steps to have positive environmental impacts and create healthy and eco-friendly products are going to have a leg up on the competition – and this includes the cabinet manufacturing industry.

Comprehensive Recycling

One great way to have a positive impact on the environment, and one that is fairly easy to implement, is to have a comprehensive recycling program. What does this mean? There are some basic features within a recycling program that can help ensure your organization does their part for the planet:

  • Implement recycling policies for all areas of your company. Set up recycling bins not just for large amounts of materials, but also in all offices and break rooms.
  • Check to see what materials are considered recyclable in your area. This information is usually found on your local government website. Typical recyclable materials include: cardboard, paper, plastics, newspaper, boxboard, magazines, books, glass, etc. Make sure that if your area demands it, you provide separate receptacles for the different types of recyclable materials.
  • Make sure you have a written recycling policy, and it is included in all official company materials such as employee handbooks.

Waste Management

Another great way to boost your organization’s sustainability profile is to have a documented process for tracking and reducing waste. Improving waste management can not only enhance your sustainability, but can also help you reduce costs.

According to guidelines set by the EPA, tracking and reducing waste can be fairly straightforward for a company. In fact, they have many resources to help you achieve this goal! These resources include things like:

  • A list of the benefits of addressing waste management in your companyKCMA ESP
  • Free tools to help you track waste, energy and water data over time.
  • Guidelines on how to organize a “green team” in your company
  • How to set waste tracking and management goals
  • How to assess your waste management program and continued ideas for improvement

The KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program confirms you care

The KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program Certification is a great way for you to show consumers that you are an organization that cares about the environment, and that you take those extra steps to ensure the sustainability of your company’s processes. The KCMA ESP Certification is comprised of many different guidelines that fall into the categories of: Air quality, product resource management, process resource management, environmental stewardship and community relations. Organizations that have fulfilled guidelines in each of these categories can earn points towards their certification. Cabinets displaying the ESP Seal meet today’s standards for sustainability, responsibility, green and healthy home requirements.

With more and more consumers today looking for companies that have environmentally sustainable practices, the KCMA ESP Certification Seal is a great way to show them your commitment. Learn more at our website