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The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association strives to keep our members and beyond updated on what’s going on in the cabinet industry. Check out what’s been happening:

OSHA Proposes More Workable Injury and Illness Rules

According to Bloomberg Government, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has proposed to drop its mandate that work sites send the agency reports on every injury and illness. The Coalition for Workplace Safety believes "OSHA should stop collecting all the forms [as they] put employers at risk for improper disclosure and release of sensitive employer information." The Coalition also worries that "unions and affiliated groups could obtain court orders under the Freedom of Information Act to force OSHA to release company data.”

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NGBS Approves Incorporation of KCMA A161.1 Certification

The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) recently voted to incorporate KCMA A161.1 certification for earning points towards NGBS certification. The complete NGBS standard is open for public comment until November 12. We do not anticipate any negative comments on the proposed change.

Certification of multifamily residential construction using the NGBS surpassed LEED certification a number of years ago and more and more jurisdictions are requiring “green” certification of multifamily residential construction projects. Installing KCMA A161.1 certified cabinets is an easy way for the builder to earn points towards NGBS certification.

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Cabinet Sales up 2.3% YOY for September 2018

According to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA)’s monthly Trend of Business Survey, participating cabinet manufacturers reported an increase in cabinet sales of 2.3% for September 2018 compared to the same month in 2017. Stock sales increased 9.4%; semi-custom sales decreased 5.6%; and custom sales increased 5.2% compared to September 2017.

Year to date cabinetry sales through September 2018 are up 1.9% according to participating manufacturers.  Stock sales are up 4.1%; semi-custom sales continue to decrease with a downturn of 1.1%; and custom sales are up 4.3%.

Millennials Top 5 Sources for Kitchen Ideas

While Millennial home buyers seek advice from friends and family 58% of the time when searching for a new home, they are not turning to them for ideas on kitchen projects.  Instead they do it the old-fashioned way, watching shows and thumbing through magazines for ideas more than any other sources (though their viewing may be on a device other than a TV and the magazines often digital).

  • TV (53%)
  • Magazines (49%)
  • Text-based social media (41%)
  • Big box stores (41%)
  • Books (34%)

Read more of the study here.

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