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We hope everyone had very happy holidays and a happy New Year. We’re back with an industry update – read on to see what’s been happening in the cabinet industry.

Chinese Factories Cut Prices, Lay Off Workers in Trade War

According to a recent piece in Industry Week, 86% of companies affected by US Tariffs reported a decline in orders. While President Trump and President Xi have agreed on a 90-day truce, it is not known when a final agreement will be reached. A report from UBS Group AG predicts that Chinese export growth will slow to 4% in 2019 from 11% this year - good news for American manufacturers.

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Proposed Narrower CWA Jurisdiction

On December 11, EPA unveiled its proposal to rollback the Obama-era Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction to limit the laws reach of tributaries and wetlands. The new rule, developed jointly with the Army Corps of Engineers, will be much more limited and much simpler in practice than the 2015 jurisdiction rule crafted by the Obama administration, which Republicans and industry have long claimed is illegally over-broad.

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White House Announces Five-Year STEM Strategic Plan

Last month the White House announced a five-year STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) strategic plan. The plan's goals include building a strong STEM foundation for all Americans, creating equal access across the country with a focus on diverse populations and preparing the workforce of the future to be STEM ready.

The White House's STEM strategy complements industry efforts to address the skills gap in manufacturing such as Manufacturing Day and other programs. The hope is that the new plan will continue to show students the opportunities that await them in a career in manufacturing.

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2019 Predictions - Cabinet Color Trends

Check out our latest blog on kitchen cabinet color trends for 2019. We talk about whether or not white cabinets are finally a thing of the past; if colored cabinets will be in; and much more. Read it now to check out what we found out about what colors will be hot in cabinets next year.

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