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Cabinets are for More Than Your Dishes

We hear a lot about consumers' kitchen design and spending preferences - especially those of millennials, the top generation conducting renovations today according to RICKI.  According to Builder Online, millennials (50% of them) want luxury kitchens, kitchen islands, multiple work stations in kitchens, floor to ceiling cabinets - basically, they want their kitchens to work harder for them.  This means space can be limited and HOW that space is utilized becomes more important.

A recent post from Houzz contributor Yanic Simard talks about one way to find more space for kitchen essentials in a time where space can be the most important commodity in a kitchen. One such essential being sacrificed? Pantries.  Yanic explores how cabinets - traditionally used for dishes and tupperware, can solve the issue.

Book End a Galley Kitchen

Millennials are drawn to the city vs. the suburbs - this means smaller galley kitchens and often no pantry or extra storage space. A creative solution can be a floor-to-ceiling cabinet that book-ends the galley. "This sort of layout creates an appealing symmetry," Yanic explains in his post with a tall cabinet mirroring appliances on the other end of the kitchen.

"Using a tall full-depth cabinet provides a great deal more storage capacity and gives the kitchen a weighty and mature air." This excess space can be critical in city apartments.

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Stand-alone Cabinet-Pantry

Rather than adding a full set of wall cabinets, a standalone unit can serve as pantry space, in addition to providing an interesting focal point for the room if painted in a contrasting color to the other cabinets in the kitchen. In addition, a stand-alone piece can "later be moved to a new home more easily than a true built-in" saving money down the road.

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Click here to read the rest of Yanic's post for more great ideas on how to re-purpose, re-imagine, and prioritize space for those kitchen essentials (under the stairs, re-purposing other rooms, small otherwise un-used nooks to name a few. And visit the KCMA website to learn more about becoming a member.