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2021 Kitchen Design Trends
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There are certain kitchen designs that are timeless but each year we see new and exciting trends. As we say goodbye to 2020, we look to some of the more interesting new trends we’re going to see in 2021, such as efficient storage and clean, modern lines.

Dark is In

From dark countertops contrasting with light cabinets, to dark accent walls or cabinets, this trends is all about adding the drama back into the kitchen. People will be pairing white cabinets with black marble countertops, and light wall cabinets with dark accents on kitchen islands.

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Closed Storage is Sexy

The open-shelving storage trend was fun, but now people are favoring more wall-to-wall closed cabinet design options. Floor to ceiling cabinets optimize extended room for storage, and the closed style allows people to keep their kitchens looking clean and un-cluttered.

Simplicity is in Style for Cabinets

2021 will be all about simplifying space. For cabinets, this means handle-less designs to achieve a pared-back, streamlined look, and less emphasis on hardware options in favor of the push-to-open style of cabinets.

Fashionable Faucets

Faucets will be getting their time to shine, with an emphasis on more unique designs and incorporating metallics into the hardware. Sinks will no longer just be functional, they will make a statement and serve as a conversational focal point for kitchens.

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Bring Back the Warmth

We’re seeing a move back towards warm color palettes with the emphasis on browns, greens and reds. While greys and whites are always in style, cooler colors are being replaced in favor of more cozy, homey tones.

What do you think about these trends? What are some kitchen design trends you’re looking forward to seeing in 2021?

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