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2020 Predictions - Kitchen Design Trends

Here at the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, we’re always on the look out for up and coming trends. Check out our post below for a round-up of kitchen design trends we can expect to see next year:

Cabinet Color

While white may still top the list of the most popular cabinet colors, but as we predicted for 2019, 2020 will see the continued (and growing) popularity of darker neutral colors. According to a recent piece from in Yahoo Lifestyle, next year designers predict more bold and dramatic shades like navy blue, sage green, matte black, and other variations in the blue, green, grey family.

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Mixed Materials

According to, reclaimed wood will be a popular material used in kitchens next year. From kitchen cabinets to open shelving and even exposed beams, companies are leaning into the eco-friendly theme with reclaimed wood materials. thinks glass cabinets are going to make a come back next year as well.  According to the website it's all part of the simplistic and minimalist trend that will continue in 2020.

Alternatives to Wall + Base Cabinets

Several sources highlighted unique alternatives to your traditional wall-hung and base cabinetry set-up for 2020. reported that vintage plate racks are coming back into popularity as an alternative way to display your dishware. 

Elle Decor predicts that double islands will be big next year as the perfect way to expand a kitchen's function while keeping bulky cabinets off of the walls.

Finally, also sees kitchen larders growing in popularity for 2020.  Larders (ie the refrigerator before the refrigerator was invented) can be transformed as a unique stand-alone cupboard to keep things organized without taking up valuable kitchen space.

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Check back throughout December and January for other industry trends we can expect to see in 2020! And visit to learn more about the cabinet industry and to become a member.