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Here at the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, we’re always on the look out for up and coming trends. The next few weeks we’ll be posting a series of blog posts on various 2019 trend predictions. Today we’re taking a look into kitchen and bath design trends for next year.

Cabinet Storage

More and more homeowners are looking for innovative storage solutions for their kitchens – especially millennial homeowners who use their kitchens for more than just cooking. Minimalism is all the rage and homeowners want to declutter their countertops. 2020spaces identified a few storage trends in a recent blog post:

  • Wide & deep drawers
  • Pull out drawers and roll out trays for more hidden storage
  • Hidden appliances believes the days of wraparound counters are gone and the new kitchens of 2019 will feature “one wall of lower cabinets and countertops, a larger island, and floor to ceiling storage in the rest of the space.” These storage walls are the modern equivalent of a classic butler’s pantry – more storage fit to today’s smaller spaces.

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Door Styles

Shaker cabinets will fall to the wayside as shiplap continues to have its moment thanks to Joanna Gaines. The new hot cabinet trend for 2019 according to is a modern-minimal take on classic shiplap or beadboard-paneled cabinets, featuring groves along the height of the panels but no border or framing. This style is a great way to add subtle texture to a kitchen.

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As we mentioned above – minimalism is increasing in popularity and that applies to cabinets too. Hardware is disappearing with a more seamless cabinet on the rise, along with subtle edge pulls that let cabinet doors shine. Forgoing molding and heavy finishes gives kitchens a modern-contemporary look that is timeless.

Finally, high-gloss cabinets will be poplar next year according to the Decoraid blog. Think of slick cabinet fronts like the painted surface of a car, or nail polish as a go-to option for a hyper-sophisticated kitchen.

Natural Materials

Like some of the recent colors of the year from paint manufacturers, people are seeking more nature-inspired and earthy elements to their kitchens for 2019. Wood countertops can add warmth and character to any kitchen. Combine with high-gloss cabinets for a modern kitchen that doesn’t feel cold.

We’ll discuss color trends in a later post, but natural, unfinished wood in small doses brings hints of semi-rustic and industrial style into the kitchen. Many designers are even incorporating more natural stone into a kitchen via waterfall edges and tall backsplashes that carry to the ceiling.

Less is More

While it may sound counter-intuitive to many homeowners’ desire for more storage – a big trend expected for next year is fewer upper cabinets and open shelving. Homeowners are opting for the open, airy look of additional windows or choosing to display dish-ware and artwork on open shelves.

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We’ll be back throughout the coming weeks with more 2019 predictions on manufacturing technologies and cabinet colors. In the meantime, visit to learn more about the cabinet industry and to become a member.