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We’re back with the third and final installment of our 2019 predictions series. Go back to check out our entries on kitchen design trends and manufacturing technology trends.

Today we’re going to focus on cabinet color trends for 2019 – are white cabinets finally a thing of the past? Are colored cabinets in? What about mixed-materials? Check out what we found out about what colors will be hot in cabinets next year.

White Kitchens are Over

While a bright, white kitchen might be a timeless look, 2019 will see more color coming back into kitchen cabinets. According to, we can expect to see darker, moodier cabinets going into kitchens in 2019 like black, navy, and dramatic green. Dark cabinets finished with gold or copper accents makes a grand statement in any kitchen.

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Natural Colors

Sherwin William and Benjamin Moore both chose richer, earthier tones as 2019’s Colors of the Year so we can expect to see more organic and natural colors popping into kitchen cabinets next year. Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay is a warm and inviting color that could be used in an island to compliment lighter, natural wood cabinets.

2020 predicts that we'll see the following natural colors in 2019:

  • Organic/natural colors
  • Muddy blue
  • Burnt orange
  • Dark brown
  • Dark grey
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Cool Blue

Blue is another color that will grow in popularity throughout 2019 as color blocking makes its way into home design. Color blocking means pairing opposites on the color wheel (traditionally seen in fashion design), like blue and the natural oranges you see above.

Behr, HGTV Home, and Clark + Kensington all chose shades of blue as their 2019 Colors of the Year and we’ve seen an increasing number of kitchens and bathrooms done with varying shades of blue. Blue is known as a calming color – perfect for the heart of the home and a bathroom escape.

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