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KCMA fosters a community of shared knowledge. Members have exclusive access to learning opportunities specific to cabinetry manufacturing. As a member of KCMA, you’ll be the first to learn about legislative issues affecting the industry as well as enjoy exclusive access to KCMA management information and industry data.

Legislative Information »

While you’re busy running your business, we’re busy protecting it. KCMA keeps members informed about regulatory developments that can directly affect the industry. As a member, you’ll receive important updates from our bi-weekly newsletter and track breaking news in our Issues & Policies section.

Management Survey Reports »

KCMA provides reports that assist members with strategic business planning, applying for loans, personnel negotiations and day-to-day management decisions.

Educational and Networking Opportunities »

Each year, KCMA 's members gather for high-caliber conferences and plant tours, each offering invaluable chances to network with the best in the business.

Performance Testing and Certification Program »

KCMA is the only industry-specific source establishing benchmarks that identify opportunities for your continued success KCMA sponsors the nationally recognized voluntary testing and certification program for cabinets.

Environmental Stewardship Program »

KCMA created the ESP Program to help cabinet manufacturers and consumers ensure that more than just their cabinets last.

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KCMA is the hub where all those who appreciate the true value of cabinetry come together – manufacturers, architects, suppliers, homeowners.


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