Why Certified Cabinetry?

When it comes to purchasing a new home or remodeling an existing home, you need to make sure you are planning effectively. That means that every decision you make should be one that you represents your beliefs -- whether that’s in creating a safe space your loved ones or colleagues, or making a decision that will help the environment.

By purchasing or specifying certified cabinetry,  you won’t have to burden yourself by questioning the construction or performance of your cabinets. KCMA has already done the work for you.  

KCMA Certified cabinets have been weight tested, slide tested, swing tested, and stain tested. And if you’re concerned with creating a more eco-friendly space, our Environmental Stewardship Program can help guide you to the right resources.

Cabinets that bear the ANSI/KCMA seal have passed a series of nationally-recognized tests administered by KCMA to assure that a the quality, durability and performance of the cabinets.

5 Reasons You Need An ANSI/KCMA Certified Cabinet

Reason #1:

You’ll be able to store all that special wedding china you’ve saved over several years with no worries. During testing, all KCMA-certified shelves are loaded at 15 lbs per square foot for seven days.


Reason #2:

KCMA-certified drawers are loaded at 15 lbs per square foot and undergo 25,000 slide cycles (yes, you read that right) during quality testing to ensure your cabinets will still be operable even after Fido finds out where you’ve been hiding his treats.


Reason #3:

Spills happen. No need to fret. During stain testing, KCMA-certified cabinets are subjected to vinegar, lemon, orange juice, coffee, & more common household items for 24 hours! 


Reason #4:

Did your toddler just learn to climb?  Kitchen cabinets turn out to be a big attraction for your little ones. During KCMA testing, doors are opened & closed through a full 90-degree swing for 25,000 cycles!


Reason #5:

Is it spaghetti night? When going through temperature testing, KCMA-certified cabinets are subjected to extreme temperature degrees. Turn up the heat to full boil!


The Importance of the Environmental Stewardship Program

It’s no secret why “Going Green” has been both an upwards trend and one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our population. Many manufacturing companies are embracing environmental sustainability for not only environmental reasons, but also to reduce costs. Some of the challenges the cabinet manufacturing energy faces include air pollution, energy conservation and waste management.

When it comes time to purchase furniture or cabinetry for the home, there are endless options out there. Between styles, finishes, materials and more, choosing these products can take some time and research. You want products that not only look good, but are good for your home and the environment. By purchasing ESP certified cabinets, you are not only helping to improve your home, you’re doing your part to help protect the environment.

5 Reasons You Should Purchase from an ESP Manufacturer:

  1. Air Quality -  ESP certified cabinets are made with materials and finishes that greatly reduce emissions from the cabinets

  2. Product Resource Management - The materials used in making the cabinets are sourced in an environmentally friendly way

  3. Process Resource Management - In making the cabinets the process is environmentally friendly.  Process waste is tracked, reduced, and recycled and there is a focus on energy conservation.

  4. Environmental Stewardship - The manufacturer has a written policy statement concerning a firm commitment to environmental quality.  In addition, the facility may have an environmental management system, requires review of vendor’s environmental policies, uses renewable/recycled materials, and ships cabinets through an EPA SmartWay Transport partner.

  5. Community Relations – The manufacturer has a commitment to the community through service and/or charitable giving.